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In 2000, on a warm tropical morning of December, I found under the Christmas tree two presents: a letter and a gift wrapped box. As usual, I expected a Chrismas card and a funny useless gadget. However, this year, Santa Claus exceeded my expectations. Instead of the usual presents, he offered me a flight ticket to Canada and a film camera…

I was quite skeptical and surprised by Santa Claus' generosity as I had been told all year long that bad boys do not get any presents for Christmas. Besides, I remembered that the previous year, I had placed under the Christmas tree fake presents for my siblings. Afraid that it might be the case of the biter bit, I wanted to verify if my gifts were real. A bit nervous, I opened the box, and I was relieved that the camera, a Canon EOS 300 (a film reflex), was real enough. I was more skeptical about the flight ticket as the flight date was the 25th of December, which was the current day. Nevertheless, my skepticism rapidly vanished and turned into excitement as my parents invited us to prepare our luggage. The next morning, I woke up in Montreal with my first camera in my hands. From this day on, I have always kept a camera within reach.



What I like in photography is the possibility to capture the atmosphere of touching places or precious moments spent with siblings, relatives and friends. With a camera, in the time of a click, one is able to capture feelings, emotions, and love. In the time of a click, one is able to change elusive and ephemeral moments into unforgettable and everlasting memories. As Aaron Siskind said, photography is “a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything”.

Today, I mostly do landscape and portrait photography. Through my photography website TERRE EN COULEURS, I share what I have seen and felt during my travels around the world.

Olivier L.O.T. - Terre en Couleurs

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